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A Gardening Service in DA17 that You Can Rely On

In need of professional and cost-effective gardening services in DA17? Well then Gardeners Belvedere is here to help in whatever way we can. If you need expert advice and cost-effective services in order to restore the look of your garden and get it back to its previous better condition, contact us today. The aim of our company and services is to provide you with our landscape gardeners and other specialist suppliers, who will help to improve your garden, provide you with professional services and maintain your garden even when you don’t have the time or patience!

Revitalising Lawn Maintenance for Your Garden in Belvedere

When the sun comes out and everybody is sat outside in their gardens, it can be highly depressing and embarrassing to be the one with the dry brown lawn, which appears to be gradually dying away. This is where our Belvedere lawn care service comes in handy. We are professionals at repairing lawns and maintaining them in perfect condition and with our fabulous team and professional equipment, we can restore your lawn back to its healthy, green self in no time at all. Interested? Why not call us for a free quote now and we will give you the perfect looking lawn.

The Most Convenient Hedge Trimming Service in DA17

Do you dread the job of pruning and trimming your bushes, trees and hedges? Hedge cutting can be a mammoth task and sometimes dangerous too, as it involves using sharp instruments and ladders. So when it comes down to maintaining the hedges in your garden in DA17, surely it is easier to hire in a team of professionals? It is when you hire us! We have the equipment and efficiency to be able to complete the job conveniently and effectively in a very short amount of time. We do this on a daily basis so we will have the job done with you barely noticing. No matter you need our help on a regular or one-off basis, Belvedere gardeners are always here to help!

Enviable Garden Redesign Options in Belvedere

Our garden design services in Belvedere are extremely popular, especially towards the time of the beginning of summer. You know how it is, the warm weather is here and you suddenly realise that your garden is in no fit state to host guests during the hot summer period. Perhaps you are looking to make your garden more child friendly or pet friendly or would just like to make better use of the space available; well look no further. If you are stuck for ideas you are welcome to browse our portfolio of past projects and ask for our help whenever you like. Working with our experts is the best way to get the garden you want for the best value price!

Convenient Garden Maintenance by Expert Gardeners Belvedere

Whether you need regular or one-off help with the general care and maintenance of your garden, we offer a convenient and cost-effective solution. We all know that garden care is essential if you want to keep your grass green, your trees and bushes pruned and you want a weed-free garden in DA17. However, that is all good and well but what happens when you do not have the time? It doesn’t matter whether you are a budding gardener or not, taking care of your garden is important so if you do not have the time, enlist our professional and efficient Belvedere gardening help.

The Gardeners Belvedere for You

Interested in learning more about our fantastic services? Contact us today for a no obligation quote on our services in DA17. You wouldn’t think twice about hiring a cleaner to take care of your home when you are unable to, so why not do the same for your garden. Having good gardeners on board means that you will always have a well maintained, easy to manage garden.  Gardeners Belvedere is here to manage all of your garden related tasks and hassles so don’t suffer in silence! Give us a call today!

2 gardeners x 1h OR 1 gardener x up to 2 hours of work 2 gardeners x up to  2 hours per visit Additional Hour of work Green Waste Additional Green Waste
Garden Maintenance £67 from £127 £60 for both gardeners 3 bags of green waste to be disposed (180L) included £4,5 per 60L bag
Garden Clearance £67 from £127 £60 for both gardeners 3 bags of green waste to be disposed (180L) included
£4,5 per 60L bag
Lawn Care & Repair £67 from £127 £60 for both gardeners 3 bags of green waste to be disposed (180L) included
£4,5 per 60L bag
Jet Wash Service from £4.00 sq.m (covers up to 20sq.m.) £4.00 per additional sq.m.

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